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The Dome



Ceri and Khabir Salahadyn, owners of Working Art, designed, built and installed in 2011 the 17 ft tall astrological sunshade (also a fully authentic astrological key) for Swigert International School . The dome is a perfect example of Working Art’s “Interactive Hard Art”. It was produced to express the vitality of timeless undeniable existence as well as provide layers of educational inquiry to unfold throughout time. Swigert is proud to have an original Working Art masterpiece that acts as an instrument which fully aligns to both our curriculum and character.

What makes the yellow dome special? Hole patterns are placed along the “sunshade dome” in the shape of the 12 zodiac signs found in the constellations. Depending on the time of year, the sun only shines directly through the dome’s holes that correspond with the season. The Salahadyn’s vision is to light the piece at night through a solar-powered system that will be built from locally donated materials.